“Since I’ve been at Esther House for three months my life has changed. I’ve learned to grow in myself, to live with others, to respect others. I’ve also found a job and I have never worked before in my life.”

“I was told that Esther House was a safe environment and that I would be giving myself the time I needed to heal. But I wasn’t told that Esther House was where the change from existing to living would occur.”

“Esther House has given me a new life of beginning for my children and me.”

“I have a fighting chance today because of Esther House. How do you thank those who have given you the greatest gift of all?”

“If it wasn’t for Esther House, I wouldn’t be sober. It has been a strong and stable support for my recovery.”

“Today I am back in my home town…I have my own apartment…I have my children with me…These are the miracles of recovery…Living at Esther House has saved my life.”